Nyosi Grotto and Blue Pool Hike, Drakensberg

The 5.5 km route to the Blue Pool and Nyosi Grotto is graded as an easy hike. The trail starts at the Cathedral Peak Hotel and heads south along the Nyosi River. This worthwhile trail in the Cathedral Peak area usually takes about two hours. 

It starts off with large open spaces for you to soak up the mountain ranges ahead of you.

Going along the Nyosi river means crossing it a few times.

The route to the grotto may start flat but eventually you’ll start the gradual climb upwards where spectacular views await your arrival.

Working your way along the mountain paths and trying not to go too far Off Track.

You’ll eventually make your way back towards the Cathedral Peak Hotel passing a little dam on the way.

Duration: 2 hours 
Difficulty: Easy 
Distance: 5.5 km

Nyosi Grotto and Blue Pool Gallery

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