Van Heynigens Pass Hike – Injisuthi, Drakensburg

Van Heynigens Pass is located in Injisuthi – Injisuthi is in the northern section of the Giant’s Castle area of the Maloti-Drakensberg Park. This hutted camp is cradled between the Injisuthi and Cowl Fork rivers at the head of the Injisuthi Valley. It is surrounded by magnificent scenery and is dominated by Cathkin Peak, Monk’s Cowl and Champagne Castle.

The Van Heynigens Pass is not considered to be one of the easier hikes, but it’s also not considered too difficult. Throughout the 8.8km there are a number of steep inclines that you’ll need need to get through. Makes for an ideal day hike and shouldn’t really take more than 4 hours (unless you stop to admire the scenery and get a couple great pics for your Instagram feed)

Your hike through Van Heynigens Pass starts at the Injisuthi camp where you’ll immediately cross a wooden bridge to get over the river and onto the trail.

From there you’ll begin your climb up what is one of the most green and lush area’s in South Africa. The views through the pass are considered (in my humble opinion) to be among the greatest views in the Drakensberg.

You’ll pass along the river and then head into an almost mystical forest area. The lush dense vegetation makes it extremely humid beneath the canopy of tree’s but there are some breath taking views within.

There are an array of seemingly unexplored caves along the route as well which once inside, you’ll appreciate just how incredible they truly are.

The rest of the way up Van Heyingens isn’t too demanding in regards to the incline and the path is fairly well marked.

The rest of the route will give you the urge to stop every few meters just to soak up the natural beauty that surrounds you.

Once you reach the top you’re greeted with an outstanding 360 degree view – provided that unlike me you didn’t arrive at the top before 9am and are instead surrounded by dense mist.

Once you reach the top, be sure to add a stone to the Hikers Mound that has been added to by those before you.

Sit down, open up the snacks and enjoy the well deserved rest before making your way back down again.

Van Heynigens Pass Gallery

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